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Pros and Cons of Electronic Cigarette

Smoking is the number one killer of men all over the world. Even those who are non-smokers but stay beside a smoker is also at a higher risk and gets killed faster than the smoker itself.

Thus all over the world, many government agencies and organizations have constantly been promoting to avoid smoking and develop a smoke free community.

However, the nicotine that is found in cigarette sticks has an addictive effect since using this makes your brain feel good and makes you not want to stop anymore. Therefore once you start smoking, you just can’t stop.

But with the advent of new technology called electronic cigarette, people who want to plan to stop smoking could use this as a starter of their course.

Both the electronic cigarette and tobacco cigarette have nicotine in them but the only benefit of the electronic cigarette over the usual cigarette stick is that it does not emit a harmful smoke.

It is actually the smoke of a cigarette stick that harms the body of a person so much because the smoke itself contains 300 harmful chemicals that may even cause cancer of the lungs. It is therefore important that one must start to avoid using tobacco cigarette as much as possible.

What is electronic cigarette?

electronic cigaretteElectronic cigarette looks like the natural cigarette but instead of using natural smoke (or fire) to start it up, it uses heat from electricity to create a smoke effect and to be able to inhale the nicotine that is found in it. Inside the electronic cigarette is a vial of liquid that contains nicotine.

When heat is applied, the liquid nicotine is vaporize and inhaled by the body. Unlike the normal cigarette stick, there are no other harmful chemicals that are found in the nicotine solution so that when a person exhales the smoke out, there are no carcinogens in it.

This makes electronic cigarette much more healthy to use when compared to the usual cigarette stick.

Are there risks when using electronic cigarette?

It has been constantly debated if the electronic cigarette brings also harm to the body. according to the users, this electronic device do not actually replace the usual cigarette since the nicotine it delivers to the body is not that effective and sometimes, addicted smokers would still result in using the usual cigarette stick.

The manufacturers of many electronic cigarette products have not yet presented their product and nicotine vials to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) thus they may have not disclosed properly well all the chemicals in their products. With these unknown other chemicals, we may not know what harm it could do to our body.

Bottom Line

Many believe that this product is a better alternative than tobacco because it is cheaper and much safer to use. But before buying one, you must make sure that the product you’ll buy is from a trusted company and not just from somewhere.

If not proven safe, it may cause consequences that would be difficult to heal in the future.

Buying Safe and Effective Electronic Cigarette Products

Even if smoking is very addictive due to the great benefits that it provides our brain, still about ninety percent of people are planning to quit smoking but still have a hard time doing so.

The withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking are so worse that it makes a person want to smoke again. This phenomenon is true because the only cure to smoking withdrawal symptoms is simply nicotine.

Once you try to smoke even if it is just a single stick, you would really notice that it has good effects on your brain.

An example would be feeling more alert. It also enhances your memory and makes you feel good and happy. Some even use it as an anti-depressant because of the soothing effects that it does to our body.

And when one finally begins to stop using nicotine, a few hours or days after the last cigarette use, he may start to experience withdrawal symptoms such as headache, fatigue, fever, chills, nausea and vomiting.

And these symptoms plateaus for about two to three weeks for those who are dependent to smoking and then subsides thereafter. Thus the entire withdrawal period of smoking lasts for a month. Who would want to undergo that kind of stage, right?

Electronic Cigarette

Just recently, electronic cigarette has been invented. Many people have been asking of what is this product and is it an alternative to tobacco smoking. True indeed that this product has been produced to be an alternative for the cigarette stick.

Unlike the real cigarette stick, it does not emit carcinogenic smoke since it only releases vapor according to the manufacturer. It still provides nicotine to the body but only in small amounts.

Thus it is a good start for those who wish to stop smoking and decrease the intake of nicotine by little amounts until it reaches zero.

However, there have been concerns with the side effects of electronic cigarette. Many manufacturers have not properly disclosed their ingredients to the FDA thus the true cons of the products may not have been properly assessed.

So if you plan to buy an electronic cigarette, always make sure that you get your product from a trusted manufacturer.

Hangsen Electronic Cigarette

Hangsen Electronic CigaretteOne of the well trusted and proven safe electronic cigarettes is from the product called Hangsen. Their company is one of the top leading electronic cigarettes maker worldwide and even provide wholesale price (that is if you wish to start your own franchise in your country).

The manufacturer made sure that they have a team to properly mold and inspect the quality of their products to provide their customers with safe and effective e-cigarette devices.

They also provide many flavored nicotine vials so if you wish to add a little fruity flavor and odor to your smoke, they have the vials for it.

If you are interested in buying from their company but couldn’t find their store in your country, don’t worry since orders can be made online and they’ll ship their products right at your doorstep.