The Side Effects of Rapid Weight loss

A lot of people have often wondered how they can ever lose all those extra pounds in a short period of time.

It may seem like they’re doing this for the sake of their health, but what they fail to realize is that losing a lot of weight in such a quick manner can actually lead to health complications too.

In the most general sense, rapid weight loss is something that the human body will fail to check properly. It doesn’t have complete control over what has been lost and what is needed to be gained.

In such cases, weight loss using this approach can lead to more medical expenses instead of less. Unfortunately, this isn’t really helped at all by the numerous lose-weight-quick programs out in the market nowadays.

There are indeed a lot of diet programs that have been launched for people to take advantage of, yet some of them don’t really take the healthy route. In fact, there are some which actually limits the consumption of calories.

While this can certainly help a person lose excess fats, they may also end up depriving themselves of the essential nutrients for proper functioning. These unrealistic expectations can become quite disadvantageous, thus leading to a number of potential side effects.

Yes, losing weight quickly can lead to unwanted adverse reactions in the body, and some of them are to be found below.

  1. Gallstone is one of the most critical issues to be experienced by a person who continues to lose weight quite rapidly. This is made possible when one decides to starve him or herself, thus causing a major shift in equilibrium between cholesterol and bile salts. Cholesterol may end up forming lumps, which are known as gallstones. These can get lodged in a person’s bile ducts, and are excruciatingly painful to deal with. Inflammation of the bladder, liver and pancreas may also be imminent.
  2. loss in muscle massAnother matter to be aware of is that losing a lot of weight quite quickly can lead to a person losing muscle mass. When the human body is deprived of the foods which are necessary to provide it sufficient fuel for performing physical activities, it will then look to other sources just so it can be fuelled with enough energy. The fat reserves will be neglected since the human body naturally uses it as a last resort. The muscles will be targeted instead, thus causing significant loss in mass.
  3. There’s also the risk of the body losing a lot of water content, something that can also result from the loss of muscles. Protein is the source of muscles getting big, and people actually consume foods rich in said nutrient in order to get huge & ripped. However, it also happens to contain a lot of water, and when one is deprived of protein through unhealthy fasting and self deprivation, they’ll be losing a lot of water from their bodies in the process.

These are just three of the most common side effects associated with fast weight loss. Read more about hcg diet

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